Your Privacy and This Website

At RogueMinds, we respect and value privacy.

We don't allow advertising on our site, and we do not use any third-party services or software libraries that could track your adventures on the web or snoop on your computer.

We don't use or transmit your IP address or browser information for marketing or any other purposes, we don't store cookies on your computer, and we don't share anything that you do on this site with other organizations or individuals.

Our web server logs are purged after 3 days per GDPR1 requirements.

If you use our web forms to request information from us, to sign up for a mailing list, or to ask for help, we will use such data only for the purpose you've indicated. We don't share our mailing lists or any of your data with outside parties.

If you request that we remove information you have submitted from our records, we will do so within fourteen days.